Questions That Job Interviewees Should Be Aware Of

For all the doom and gloom that has come with the stock market this year so far, one bright spot has been ignored. Hiring for December was better than expected, and the overall growth with regard to hiring through 2015 signifies that the employment market is changing for the better.

With that, it is expected (or at least hoped for) that hiring will continue to grow in 2016. Because of this, job candidates should be ready to take part in the economy. However, a robust job market does not mean that job candidates are always treated fairly. Because of this, interviewees have to be wary of interview questions that are illegal.

This post will highlight a few.

Questions about marital status – While questions about your family may come up in small talk, inquiries about whether you are married, single or divorced are illegal; especially if they are used to determine whether you are qualified for the job.

Questions about disabilities or handicaps – Likewise, interview questions about health conditions that do not reasonably relate to the ability to perform the job are illegal.

Questions about family and children – An employer may not ask specifically about your spouse and his/her salary, how many children you have or whether you have (or how much) child care you have.

Questions about nationality or religious affiliation – Finally, questions seeking to clarify one’s religion or race or similar protected class are not allowed.

If you have experienced these questions as a job applicant, contact an experienced employment law attorney

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