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Many claims involving unpaid wages and other forms of unfair treatment in the workplace start with an employer’s incorrect classification of a worker’s job position or employment status —known as employee misclassification. Employers across many industries and sectors sometimes protect profits unlawfully by failing to acknowledge the real, lawful job position or employment status of large segments of their labor forces.

Our employee misclassification lawyers have the knowledge to evaluate potential claims and shape arguments that compellingly assert workers’ rights. Learn more about how we can fight for you by scheduling a free consultation. Call now: (626) 775-7870.

Do You Believe You Are Being Unfairly Denied Fair Wages or Benefits?

Employee misclassification can take several forms, including treating employees as independent contractors or classifying workers as exempt, non-exempt, hourly, or managerial according to company advantage rather than their real status under applicable employment laws.

It may be motivated by numerous goals, including:

  • Avoidance of the costs of employee benefits and taxes
  • Evasion of laws governing fair wages, meal and rest breaks, safety, employment discrimination, and more

Our firm’s case successes in wage-and-hour litigation include a $1.85 million settlement obtained for a class of workers wrongfully classified as independent contractors by a media company. We have also obtained settlements on behalf of truck drivers wrongfully classified as independent contractors and a federal judgment against Domino’s Pizza for misclassification of a worker as an exempt manager to avoid paying overtime.

Investigation, Analysis & Sound Legal Guidance on Your Employment Case

Especially in an adverse economy, workers often fear termination or other retaliation for contesting their status. Many simply do not know their rights. At Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP, you will be treated with respect and compassion by an attorney prepared to investigate and determine the full extent of those rights.

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