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Discrimination/ Wrongful Termination

Budlal v. Disney.
Case involving religious accommodation at Disneyland resolved to the parties’ mutual satisfaction (2014).

Martin v. Texaco Refining and Marketing, Inc. (C 613 044)
Sex discrimination case on behalf of woman denied a promotion at Texaco. Trial initially resulted in verdict of $20.3 million in 1991; on remand after new trial was granted, case went back to trial and settled for confidential sum (1995).

Settlement on behalf of investment broker wrongfully terminated — $9 million (2000).

$5 million in employment law (2010).

Settlement on behalf of commissioned sales people wrongfully terminated in order to avoid payment of sales commissions — $3.2 million (2001).

Settlement on behalf of salesperson wrongfully terminated based on race — $3.4 million (2003).

Mosleh v. City of El Segundo (YC 025 903)
Case by two employees of the city who were harassed and discriminated against because of their gender and race. Case settled for $1.33 million (1999).

Tostado v. City of Los Angeles
Wrongful demotion of police sergeant based upon gender discrimination — $1.3 million (2003).

Settlement of case involving failure to promote Latino employee — $1.2 million (1997).

Arbitrator award of over $1.1 million for discrimination (2004).

Bonsangue v. ADP (644365)
Verdict in age discrimination case of over $1 million (1993).

$990,000. A disability discrimination lawsuit involving a long-time employee who was “laid off” when her MS symptomatology became uncomfortable for her employer.

Lopez v. City of Alhambra (BC 209 442)
Latina police sergeant sued city of Alhambra for failure to promote her because of her sex and race. Case settled for approximately $800,300, plus a retroactive promotion to lieutenant (2000).

$800,000 in employment law (2011).

Arbitrator’s award of $800,000 for wrongful termination (2004).

Cameron v. City of Los Angeles (CV 95-2127 WMB (JGx))
Case by four female firefighters alleging sexual discrimination and harassment against the Los Angeles Fire Department. Case settled for $795,000 (2000).

Settlement of a sex/pregnancy discrimination case against a music publishing company — $450,000 (2009).