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Justice In Cases Of Police Brutality & Misconduct

Our renowned, innovative civil rights attorneys’ efforts in police brutality and misconduct cases extend back to legal work in the 1980s, and we continue to stand strong against excessive force and other abuses of power by law enforcement. We represent clients in cases involving:

  • Citizens subjected to beatings and serious, long-term injury at the hands of overzealous law officers
  • Police brutality and misconduct motivated by racial profiling or discrimination in any form
  • Illegal surveillance and other invasions of privacy that violate private citizens’ constitutional and civil rights

If you believe you have been subject to police brutality, call us now at 626-381-9261 or 866-457-2590. An experienced attorney is available to speak to you about your rights in a free consultation.

We Go The Distance To Expose Abuses Of Power And Obtain Justice

Our police brutality lawyers have decades of experience in high-stakes litigation, often collaborating with public-interest organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). We are committed to enforcing accountability on government entities that overstep their bounds, as we have in numerous cases involving the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles and Orange County sheriff’s departments, the FBI, and cities and counties throughout California.

We are committed to comprehensive investigation of brutality claims and other potential law enforcement misconduct cases, building strong plaintiff’s cases that address nuances such as:

  • Police, sheriff and other officer claims that their actions constituted necessary force to protect themselves or the public
  • Cover-ups and collusion to conceal the circumstances of an arrest or other evidence
  • Related claims of wrongful arrest or detention, illegal search and seizure, and denials of due process
  • Police actions that infringe on First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly

Turn To A Law Firm That Cannot Be Intimidated

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