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Age discrimination is practiced, masked, and poorly justified every day by employers across California and the nation. Dedicated professionals and laborers are wrongfully terminated, held back, and denied the security and opportunities they deserve because of something none among us can prevent: the passing of time. Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP is here to help.

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated or Mistreated as an Older Worker?

Have you been referred to as a workplace “dinosaur” or unjustly criticized for a lack of prowess with newer technologies? Were you replaced by someone younger and less qualified for your position? Was the need for “young blood” cited when you questioned employment decisions?

It is illegal for employers to replace workers over 40 with less qualified younger workers. It is illegal to use age as a deciding factor in who gets let go when a company or public entity determines that a layoff is necessary.

If you have been targeted or mistreated because of your age, we want to hear about it and help you understand and exercise your legal rights. Call our Pasadena age discrimination lawyers now for a free consultation: (626) 775-7870.

Are You a Victim of Economic Circumstances or Illegal Discrimination?

Although age discrimination has long been pervasive in some industries and sectors, an aging population and persistently adverse economy appear to have made it even more prevalent in recent years. Put simply, younger workers may be able to work for less money and may require less employee-paid health care. However, this does not justify unlawful employment decisions or violations of older workers’ rights. Attorney Dan Stormer has published and lectured on the increase in age discrimination and how to counter the trend. For more on this topic, see Stormer, “The Graying of America: Age Discrimination in the Nineties,” 26 West Los Angeles Law Review 189 (1995).

Sadly, fear of retaliation and the belief that discrimination cannot be proven keep many people from taking action against this widespread injustice. We have taken complex age discrimination cases to trial successfully, including a case against payroll/human resources giant ADP, resulting in a jury award exceeding $1 million. We have settled many age discrimination cases for six figures and substantial compensation for the loss of pension and other long-term benefits.

Types of Discrimination We Can Help With:

Turn to Dedicated, Empathetic Attorneys for Legal Guidance

Discrimination against older people can be challenging to prove, but our attorneys at Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP, follow the evolution of the law and stay on top of case results in the field.

Contact us today to find out more about how our age discrimination lawyers in Pasadena can help in your case.


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