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A Proven Track Record Combating Financial Consumer Fraud

Misrepresentation of products and services, false advertising and other forms of consumer fraud further the economic imbalance in our country and cause financial losses for countless individuals. Often a class action lawsuit is necessary to expose the fraud and hold a company or government entity accountable.

Learn more about how you can protect your rights and the rights of others who may have fallen victim to fraud. Call 626-381-9261 or 866-457-2590. You have options to take action against powerful financial organizations with our help.

Our attorneys have extensive experience as lead counsel and co-counsel in multimillion-dollar class action suits against companies that violate antitrust laws and engage in deceptive practices to defraud and exploit customers. Our firm is often brought in to cases to provide the necessary expertise. Our successful case results in this complex legal practice area include:

  • A settlement of over $300 million on behalf of individuals and businesses financially harmed by price fixing of the computer product dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
  • A $96 million settlement of an antitrust class action on behalf of vitamin consumers in California
  • A $16 million-plus settlement of a class action suit against Great Western Bank for fraudulent sales practices that led primarily elderly customers into riskier investments
  • A multimillion-dollar class action settlement for people harmed by Verizon’s practices involving fraudulent and inadequately disclosed charges on consumer phone bills

Proven Investigators And Litigators For Corporate And Public Fraud Cases

Many illegal corporate practices and violations of antitrust laws prohibiting unfair competition go unchallenged for years until someone steps forward with a concern. The consumer fraud attorneys at our firm are equipped to investigate and analyze your claims against companies in California and nationwide and determine the best course of action.

If you are an individual victimized by a corporation’s commercial deception or you are a lawyer seeking widely recognized, accomplished class action co-counsel, we welcome your call at Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP. We take pride in our track record of success on behalf of consumers damaged by the wealthy and powerful, and we offer a free case evaluation to discuss your concerns and potential claims.