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Protecting Whistleblowers From Retaliation

People who speak out to report illegal activities should be rewarded by their employers. Unfortunately, they often receive the opposite, facing workplace harassment, undesired transfers or outright termination.

Employers do not have infinite power over workers in these situations — although many act as if they do. If you have suffered retaliation because you told the truth about prohibited personnel practices, fraud, corruption or any other illegal activity, we encourage you to turn to our Los Angeles whistleblower attorneys for counsel.

Doing What Is Right Should Never Cost You Your Job Or Work Status

At Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai LLP, our extensive experience across the spectrum of employment law enables us to identify valid whistleblower retaliation cases and usher them through to just outcomes.

If you have been retaliated against for reporting wrongdoing, we will help you stand up for doing what is right. Call us now: 626-381-9261 or 866-457-2590 for a free consultation.

Our victories have included:

  • A $4.3 million verdict and judgment for a Los Angeles Police Department employee who was fired in retaliation for refusing to alter her testimony in a separate lawsuit against the LAPD
  • A $5 million confidential settlement in 2010 on behalf of two whistleblowers who reported misconduct by their employer to a state agency
  • A settlement of over $1.3 million for two City of El Segundo employees who reported sexual harassment and racial discrimination on the job
  • Negotiation of a $635,000 settlement and return to the job for a City of Pomona police officer who was harassed out of his job for reporting police misconduct
  • A $1.2 million confidential settlement and a $770,000 arbitration award in separate whistleblower retaliation cases resolved in 2004

Caring, Proven Legal Counsel And Protection For Workers Who Speak Out

Our lawyers are versed in the application of various U.S. federal laws that protect employees from retaliation, as well as public employees’ rights under the California Whistleblower Protection Act. We are here to provide information and guidance if you must decide whether to come forward or if you already have suffered retaliation for doing so.

For a free evaluation of your potential employment law, civil rights or class action case, we invite you to contact us.