Los Angeles Disability Discrimination Attorneys

Disability Rights and Public Access

People with disabilities make up an increasing percentage of today's population. Advocacy and action for the rights of the disabled has long been a focus at our leading employment and civil rights law firm. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, denied access or otherwise treated unfairly because of a disability or medical condition, we want to hear about it at Hadsell Stormer & Renick LLP.

Our firm co-counseled a seminal case against the County of Los Angeles to ensure access to 55 courthouses for people with disabilities. We also handled a case against Orange County requiring it to provide proper accommodations and equal access to programs for inmates with disabilities. We continue to work toward the goal that all Americans should be able to participate as full members of society.

California Reasonable Accommodation Lawyer

Discrimination on the job does not just affect members of racial minorities. Many essential legal protections extend to people who are fired from their jobs or otherwise discriminated against because of disabilities — physical or mental conditions and illnesses that require a leave from work or reasonable accommodations by the employer.

Many disability rights cases involve disputes over what constitutes a disability and the obligations an employer has to make reasonable accommodations enabling a person to return to work or keep working. Some cross over into peoples' rights to take family and medical leave to deal with their own or loved ones' severe health problems, as provided by the ADA or the California Family Rights Act (CFRA).

Is Your Employer in Violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Disability discrimination cases have many complexities, including the proper application and interpretation of both federal and state laws. We are versed in the nuances of both, and we often work with medical and vocational experts to build the strongest possible cases for our clients. Our Los Angeles disability discrimination lawyers have successfully represented people with quadriplegia, cancer, MS, lupus, epilepsy, diabetes, deafness and other disabling conditions who have been denied their lawful rights.

Among numerous case successes, in 2006 we obtained a jury verdict and award of attorney fees totaling over $2.85 million in a case against the Automobile Club of Southern California. In this case, the employer failed to engage in the interactive process required to assess whether reasonable accommodations could be provided.

Turn to Dedicated Advocates Who Will Seriously Consider Your Case

Reasonable accommodations will depend on your needs and the nature of your work, among other considerations. They might include transfer to a different location, providing adaptive equipment, granting time for breaks or other needs. We are bold, visionary California disability rights lawyers prepared to explore all legal angles and push boundaries established by prior court decisions.

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